DSi v1.4.3 Fix Released for M3i Zero and EZFlash Vi

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r4iFor current owners of the EZFlash Vi and M3i Zero, your long wait is over!  Both cards now have fixes for DSi v1.4.3.  They came out relatively close to each other and can now be downloaded form their respective manufacturer websites hr4i sdhcttp://www.m3adapter.com and http://www.ezflash.cn  The EZFlash Fix is the v106a.nds file, it was originally released as v106 but got taken down due to some stability problems reported.  The M3i Zero fix also comes as a .nds file.\You wr4i goldill need to have access to the card menu to apply the update, so if your DSi is already updated to v1.4.3, then you should know better next time . But you can simply borrow a DSi 1.4.2 or older, DS Lite, or a 3DS with a lower firmware to get into the menu again.  Remember, always hold off updates from Nintendo until your can verify that your card is updated first.  It may be up to several weeks wait after new updates come out.Get to updating, and get back to gaming

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