Fresh Packaging of R4i SDHC

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r4 revolutionOn Earth the most widely used R4i card, R4, get a facelift. R4 SDHC v2.10T manufacturers, to help stop a R4 SDHC card, and concentrated his successor. First, along the previous version, this new card has become the flagship product from the manufacturer. The familiar black box has been officially discontinued, no longer on the various manufacturers. Continue to support readily available for the black version, but any kind to buy a new card, and we all know, a Micro SD card reader to the new packaging.The R4i card. Such use or Windows 7, there is no additional software is necessary to enable them to become the official name of the run.As may R4 SDHC v2r4 ds.10T This may also be known as the "Happy Box" packaging. R4 SDHC team is creating a DS card management client software called Happy Valley box. This is currently in testing phase, but the R4 v2.10T is to use it. Customers should be made to the pool of media and gaming control simpler.The brand new packaging is easily the most obvious difference. Although it may seem, this is not the DSI R4i card, which is not really a fake, it's another in the same manufacturer's products, because the world's most widely used of R4, because the original was retired in 2008 . Visible from the front of the box surrounding the manufacturer's wer4i dssite black box brand new gold box is visible on the product page. This area is a real red highlight expanded and vibrant gold, it is instantly eye-catching. The DSi R4i gold, create, including smooth, metallic gold to complete, it is different from the manufacturer, there is no red on the packaging box.Improvements around, is just the beginning, The R4 v2.10T also include an improved menu interface, greatly improve the speed and a better game compatibility with all of the features of the black box R4 and toughness. The card starts when it is not difficult to observe, R4i SDHC (red box) to lift the the recption menu software program. The curent version is on the left side of the screen to the bottom of the corner. The compatibility of the DS console, is equivalent to an R4, the SDHC, high prices this operation DSi or DSi XL either.If the you want to know more about video game accessories, please visit our website: http://www.uugamestore. COM, such as: DSI game card, R4I card DSI R4I card, R4i SDHC, Wii batteries, the Wii batteries, Wii controller, Wii controller and nunchuck, the Xbox 360 cable, AV cable, Xbox 360, Xbox 360 battery Battery Xbox 360, Xbox 360 controller, PS3 controller, the PS3 Wireless Controller DUALSHOCK 3 controller, China wholesale video game accessories online store

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