Play 'Hidden Identity - Chicago Blackout' on r4 gold

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r4iWe already know the players and NDS player users like to play R4 games are. Hide their identity - Chicago blackout, is one such game players like to always play on R4 gold. "Hide their identity - Chicago blackout R4 height of play by the players. Hide their identity - Chicago blackout "is a very exciting and adventurous games. Such a player wr4i sdhcill continue to be stuck hours, while playing the game R4 Gold game. In the game, one day, you awake in a hotel room in Chicago amnesia can not remember his name. Like who? How did you get here? R4 Gold support Micro SD card also offers a 100% game compatibility. Before playing the game the player drag and drop files to the Micro SD card, then you can r4i goldnjoy playing games. Gold R4 cheat, allowing the player to play the game, there is no obstacle. The players now need to keep their wisdom to solve this riveting hidden object game! Their exploration of scenes from their past, and find hundreds of cleverly hidden objects and piece together their lost identity. Rumble package and memory package very well upported by the R4 gold. Its friendly user interface, allowing the player to run the game and comfortable. Now players will soon find the clues and get a special speed bonuses. Then find all the secret notes, leaving a unique mini-games and solve jog your memory. In this way, you'll solve the mystery and discovered the true identity? All of all pla

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