The Wonders Of The R4 SDHC Card

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r4 revolutionBut like before the user's ability to promote their game, Nintendo DS cartridge, and their counterparts, this is adapt to the higher version of the Nintendo DSi and DSi consoles. Card is inserted in R4i Nintendo, we can perform a variety of activities such as playing MP3 music, watching movies and videos, and even read e-books and other online R4, an SDHC-card R4 card material.The name because of its ability, to adapt to the high capacity (HC) memory card, which is really a lot of cards can be adapted to the high memory capacity, it is the fashion of the R4 SDHC memory start. What is surprising is tr4 dshat the R4, an SDHC-card, and can accommodate up to 2 gigabytes of data. Initially the 8 GB micro SHDC card into the R4 card market popularity grow exponentially. With the popularity of these R4 cards authentic R4v2 and DSTT card sold equally.In the better fares in the market, despite the R4i card is facing a drawback, the load time. Due to the increase in the capacity of the R4 memory card content to load 10 seconds compared to the R4v2 and DSTT card for about 2-3 seconds, from R4 SDHC development expert team only.A June 2010 this year briefing R4i card 2.10T version. This version of pull that is equalr4i dsly notorious clone R4i Gold, the gold color of the package as well as some controversy. To solve these problems, even if the instructions on the card is deliberately change the "R4 Revolution" to R4 reform ", a clear-cut as much as possible from the old packaging, different brands and structural changes the card undertaken.Changing appearance of the R4 card hardware, it seems more robust, more durable, light plastic material, such an arrangement of components to provide more structural stability, even during the loading to reduce significantly despite the increase in memory capacity, and the integrity of the cards is similar to the authorization of the R4i SDHC card, this is the R4 card SDHC is to adapt to the advantage of the DSi console of two and only 4 seconds of the DSi XL.Speaking this R4 card, or so-called R4 SHDC card, it maintaining application software updates, and truly is a modern and revolutionary multi-purpose card, through a large number of users to enjoy different tastes and preferences. Tips and advice on more freedom in AuthorFor R4 SDHC card, visit our information website, which will help you understand the reason, you really need for your Nintendo DS console R4I card

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