What R4 Cards Can Do

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r4iOther terms given by the R4 DS and the R4 Revolution R4 card. Nintendo DS, the use of these cards, including a later version of R4i greatly maximize this exciting learning there are many possibilities, you can use these cards. R4 and R4i card is essential if you want to use different applications, including playing games, watching vir4i sdhcdeos and movies, listen to your favorite music selection, and even read an eBook Nintendo. This card is a hardware and latitude, let you select a card, in many b is is the second-generation storage devices, it does not require any type of software or tool guide. It will automatically detect the file type you want to save to. When your4i gold save it, so you can save directly to Micro SD card, rather than any internal memory or on-board chip. It set up a moon shell 20.2 software reset function. R4 Gold package includes a Micro SD adapter, the USB MICOR SD card protection, etc. It works well, Nintendo DS, DS Lite and Nintendo DSi. These cards can be in a different space, such as 2 GB, 4 G B to 32 GB. Compared to R4, its price is reasonable. Many companies provide you with the R4 gold easily in the market. When you buy, make sure you bring the right type of product for your use and budget. The time of purchase, know the review of the product solely because it will help you to know its function and use

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