New R4 3DS Card Kernel Update For the 3DS Version 2.1.3

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r4 revolutionR4, 3DS card just received a firmware update kernel, you should download and install immediately, if you are going to new v2.1.3 software update your Nintendo 3DS system. Each Nintendo 3DS software update, there is an opportunity for your R4, 3DS card will no longer work. Of course, not permanent, just until the update out to add the card again for 3DS compatibility patch. This is the 3DS system of four updates have been released. First update of R4, 3DS card without a new kernel 2. They continue to work perfectly, they received an update on the 3DS screen you hit your button. However, the r4 dsupdated system software in the last two offer the R4 card does not recognize when they are inserted into the 3DS. Some people are worried, though this is a 3ds masonry. Thank God far more than its opportunity, in fact you have to update your Nintendo 3DS new 2.1.3 software happening.If common rumors, then you no doubt have noticed, your R4, 3DS is not longer job. To get you made and the application back, just download the latest kernel update and micro SD card installed. Multimedia will return to your Nintendo to install completed.Updating as soon as possible is very easy. The kernel you jur4i dsst downloaded, unzip the archive and copy the contents of the archive file you have to use the micro SD card. In most cases, have the micro SD card (firmware file, not a game, or game save) the file will be overwritten the latest version. Windows may prompt you to ask if you want to cancel the copy and paste, or with the same name, copy the file and replace. Simply select the copy and replace options and your kernel has updated.If you have a R4 3DS does not update your Nintendo system, then the consistency of the updates do not. But because it is free, I suggest you grab it anyway, and are ready you should decide to upgrade your 3DS itself.You of course, only to update R4 kernel, regardless of whether you intend to do your Nintendo 3DS system. It does not hurt it at all, you should upgrade your Nintendo accident the latest software, you do not have to go scrambling to find you for your 3DS download the firmware archive. Applies to all versions of Nintendo 3DS system updates the kernel. AuthorYou can access these amazing 3DS homemade card both authorized dealer latest kernel update and other homebrew games and applications for R4, 3DS, R4i SDHC card

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